TNPSC Group 2A (IIA) Exam Complete Study Material Book in English


TNPSC Group 2A (IIA) Exam Complete Study Material Book in English

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Contents • Syllabus & Scheme of Examination • TNPSC Group-II Original Question Paper – July. 2015 • TNPSC Group-II Original Question Paper – June. 2014 • TNPSC Group-II Original Question Paper – Dec. 2013 General Knowledge • Science • Physics • Chemistry • Botany • Zoology • History and Culture of India • Indian National Movement • Geography • Indian Polity • Indian Economics • General Knowledge & Current Events Mental Ability Tests • Aptitude and Mental Ability Tests • Logical Reasoning General English (New Syllabus) Grammar (Part A) Match the following / Phrases, Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefix & Suffix, Articles, Prepositions, Question Tag, Tenses, voices (Active & Passive), Infinitives, Gerunds & Participles, Sentence Pattern, Homophones, Find the Errors, Comprehension, Select the Correct Sentence, Find the Odd Words, Plural Forms, Identify the Sentence, Identify the Correct Degree, Blending Words, Compound Words Literature (Part B) • Figures of Speech • Appreciation Questions from Poetry • Important lines from Poems • Questions on the Biographies • Questions on Shakespeare’s (Merchant of Venice – Julius Ceasar – Sonnet 116) • Questions from Oscar Wilde’s (The Modern Millionaire – The Selfish Giant) • Dr. Karl Paulnack (Music – The Hope Raiser) • Comprehension Questions from Motivational Essays • British English – American English Authors and their Literary Works (Part) • Match the Poems and Poets • Identify the Author with the Short Story • Whose Auto Biography / Biography is this? • About the Poet’s and their various works • Matching the Folk Arts with the Indian States / Country • Famous Quotes • Drama – Famous Lines, Characters, Quotes • Nature Centred Literary Works and Global issues – Environment and Conservation • Which nationality the Story belongs to and what is the theme observed in the Literary Works • Characters, Quotes, Important Lines from the works of Indian Authors• 6590 Questions on General Knowledge
• 2760 Questions on General English
• 522 Questions on Aptitude & Mental Ability
• 1420 Questions on Current Events
• TNPSC Group II & IIA Exam Boo, • TNPSC Group – IIA Complete & Perfect Study-Material Exam


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