Regular Fruit Fork Set (Color may Vary)


Regular Fruit Fork Set (Color may Vary)

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INR 195.00

Your children aren’t eating fruits? Bring home this Birdie and make your child fruit eating fun. Six tiny skewers made from 100% recyclable plastic are beautifully slotted into the holes of an arboreal stand so that their adorable avian tops assemble the image of humming birds on branches. Have a gathering tonight? Birdie sits in your living room and its Lovely Appearance brings infinite pleasure to life. The fashion fully shows your delicate taste.Colorful so you don’t mix your forks with others
Makes a cute table top when not in use
Reusable – can be conveniently washed and used over and over again
Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic
Suitable for Salads, Fruits


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