Mindfulness: Live In the Moment. Your Every Day Guide To Achieving Mindfulness And A Stress Free Life. (Mindfulness, Mindfulness for Beginners, Meditation, … Meditation Techniques, Managing Stress)


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Your life does not need to be hard! 

Learn how to use mindfulness to create a life of happiness and peace, no matter what your situation! 

It’s a crazy, hectic life we live in, and it’s no wonder then that we tend to lose touch with our own selves as we rush from one place to another, from one task onto the next. While there’s little we can do to prevent these everyday situations which antagonize us, we can still influence our own reaction to them.

We multi-task, we compare ourselves to others (usually to our own disadvantage), we can’t forgive or let go, we forget to be patient and grateful – if this is you, then you’ve come to the right place. Learning the skills of mindfulness, which is being fully aware and fully awake, has never been easier. 

If you’re looking for quick fix answers, you won’t find any here. What you will find though, is a whole range of simple but effective practices which can be put to use on a day to day basis, and which will in turn, allow you to cultivate a state of mindful awareness and breathing, of deep listening and profound understanding. All of these will bring you immediate joy and more importantly, a peace of mind.

This book will teach you to look beyond the injustices and unfairness of this world, and achieve greater self-understanding and improve the quality of your life.

Here’s a small preview of what you will learn in, ‘Mindfulness’..

  1. The main benefits of Mindfulness
  2. How to achieve balance in your life
  3. How to live in the moment 
  4. How to master your own mind
  5. How to be more consciously aware
  6. How to be content 
  7. How to achieve happiness and peace in your life
  8. Much, Much more! 

Change your life! Download your copy of, ‘Mindfulness’, today! 


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