How to Get Birth/ Death Certificate Registration in Tamilnadu


how-to-get how to get birth/ death certificate registration in tamilnadu

How to Get Birth/ Death Certificate Registration in Tamilnadu

Every birth and death should be registered in your Town Panchayat. Birth registration can be done within 14 days from Birth date, whereas Death should be reported within seven days. In case of Birth, a certificate from the Hospital where the child is born should be submitted in Town Panchayat, whereas for death, a certificate from the Medical Officer, who treated before death, is needed. The registration of both birth and Death is done by the Sub-Registry Offices. These Village Sub-Registry Offices preserves the registers. People can contact these local bodies for Birth and Death certificates by paying a small service payment.
Steps to Register Birth / Death in Tamilnadu are explained below,
Step 1 Contact you nearest Town Panchayat Office/ Sub-Registry Office. Ask them to give an Application Form and Fill the data needed. For Birth, Go to step 2 whereas for Death, Go to step 3.
Step 2 Include the following Documents,
1.Date of Birth,
2.Place of Birth
3.Name of Child
3.Name of Father/Mother
Step 3 Include the following Documents,
1.Date of Death,
2.Place of Death
3.Name of Deceased
Step 4 A Court fee stamp of two rupees should be fixed and Submit your Application Form in the Town Panchayat office. Along with the application, you should pay One Rupees for Birth & Death Certificate. If you failed to register within the allotted dates as said above for respective purpose, then you should pay a fine of one rupee until one month and three rupees for above one month till one year. Registration after one year can be done with the order of Magistrate by paying a fine of four rupees.
Step 5: You will get a certificate of Birth/Death Register within three days.



  1. It is unfortunate that the Municipal Officers and the elected members of corporation are not at all solve the people's need.
    I Went to Palayamkottai Municipal office on several times to get my son's Birth certificate correction. At lost I met the sanitary Inspector who said simply we have uploaded in Website. We won't issue the
    Hard copy. I searched in Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation website but it shown only from 1998. How I get the Birth certificate please.


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