Amazing features of Papaya

Papaya is also called as “papita”. It looks so soft and at the same time it is sweet. It has lots and lots of health benefits in it. Papayas are of different varieties of colors like Green, bright yellow or orange color. Human being mostly likes the bright yellow or orange color papaya. Papaya has highly rich source beta carotene.  Papaya nutrients can also boost immunity. Papaya juice will surely help to improve the shining of the skin and also used to keep away from skin diseases. It completely removes dead skins and giving glowing nature to our skin.
Health benefits of papaya
Health benefits of papaya
See some of the excellent information predicted below:
    • Papaya used to enhance excellent digestive system.
    • It helps to prevent diabetic heart disease and cancer.
    •  It’s used to remove by worms in your body.
    • Papaya is good treatment of sores, burns, and wounds because its anti- bacterial effects.
  • It helps to treats mouth disease.
Nutrition value of Vitamins:
    • Vitamin A 1532 IU
    • Vitamin B1 0.038 mg
    • Vitamin B2 0.052 mg
    • Vitamin B60.027 mg
    • Vitamin C 86.5 mg
    • Vitamin E   1.02 mg
  • Vitamin K 3.6 mcg
Nutrition value of Minerals:
    • Phosphorus   360mg
    • Calcium   20 mg
    • Potassium   470 mg
    • Sodium   4 mg
    • Iron  0.14 mg
    • Magnesium  14 mg
  • Zinc  0.1 mg




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