Many times in our lives this situation occurs when we dont want to pickup calls from unwanted people who are always bothering and irritating us by calling continuously and sometimes the situation is so worse that we can’t even switch off our cellphone to avoid these calls.
┬áSo here I am telling you some tricks so that when you do it , your caller will hear the message from your service provider saying “The number you are trying to reach is out of coverage area kindly please try after sometime thank you and he will think that there must be some network problem. I hope these tricks solve your purpose upto some extent.

10 Tricks to Make your Mobile Not Reachable

Trick 1:

First method is very simple and mostly used by many people already. All you have to do is to pull out the battery of your cellphone without switching it off. This trick works on almost every mobile phone.

Trick 2:

This trick is very simple as you dont need to pull out anything from your cellphone.
Go to Menu /Apps > Settings > Network and Operator settings > Network selection.
Here you will get two options : Automatic and Mannual.
By default your phone will be on automatic network selection. Change it to manual. It will start searching for all possible network providers in your area. Now select some network name other than your actual network provider. It will show an error message and your phone will lose network. Now just leave the phone as it is.
When you wish to get back in the network simply go to the settings and make it automatic again.

Trick 3:

If you have any Landline phone at your home or some SIM that is no more in use and it’s registration is expired then you can take advantage of it. All you have to do is , simply use call forwarding service of your phone and forward all incoming calls of your cellphone to this dead SIM card number.
If you want to do this with your Landline phone so forward all your incoming calls to your Landline number and remove the receiver from the cradle.

Trick 4:

If you have data connection or GPRS activated on your phone then this trick is for you.
Simply start downloading many files from your cellphone using different browsers. These files may be songs , videos or any application of your smartphone. But make sure that you put so much amount of data for downloading in queue so that it doesn’t complete downloads quickly and make your phone reachable.

Trick 5:

Today almost every phone has flight mode or airplane mode. Simply put your phone to flight mode when you wish to not irritated by unwanted callers. But beware because this trick doesnt work with all phones and some phones return this as switched off mode. I would recommend that test it before using.

Trick 6:

Take out the back cover of your phone in such a way that battery is visible. Try to call any number and when your phone starts dialing it immediately remove battery from your phone. This sudden break from network will transmit as you went out of coverage and callers will hear the same.

Trick 7:

You may also take use of some third party tool for making your phone unreachable to avoid unwanted callers. Cellphone signal Blocker pouch is one of the best application available to jam the signals reaching your cellphone. You can download it form amazone app store .

Trick 8:

If you are an Android user and you dont want to use any third party tool , the OS has provided you a default feature of Reject List. Simply put the callers from whom you dont want to receive any call into the Reject List. Although they wont hear the message that your cellphone is not reachable but they wont hear switch off either. They wont be able to connect call to your phone and each time they call , their call will get cut without even a single ring on your phone.

Trick 9

If your cellphone’s SIM card slot is not below your phone’s battery then you can simply pull it out once and insert it again. Your phone will lose the network and it will not accept the SIM until you restart your phone.

Trick 10:

Wrap your phone in aluminium foil . If your network is not so strong inside your house , this trick will definitely solve your purpose and will make your phone not reachable.


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