Supreno Snake Like Design Adjustable Phone Holder Flexible Stand With 360 Degree Rotation movement Great for Home, Office, Car etc Compatible With Mi A1, Redmi Note-4 & Moto G5 (1 Year Warranty, Assorted Colour)


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INR 269.00

Universal Flexible Car/ Home Mobile Phone/ Mobile Holder Stand for Apple iPhone/Samsung/Android Mobiles 100% ORIGINAL. Unique Design Universal bed/desktop Mobile mount holder Watch movies/videos, Listen music on the bed without holding your phone. Flexible arm for different angle and distance Folds to a viewing angle as per your convenience On of the best inventions, the mobile bed stand holder is a multipurpose mobile accessory that enables you to watch movies, browse the internet in bed. It can also attach itself to other surfaces like your table, office desk. It can also be used in the kitchen where you can attach the device and view cooking videos while you are cooking.Covers a Broad Spectrum in uses including, car or home mount gadget holder. Can hold any smartphone gadget.
Long arm holder for full durability and flexibility to any angle,
can be used anywhere from bed,kitchen,office,desktops,cars,outdoor or indoor
Simply grip it to hold in place. 360 degree rotating and angle movement graping arm.
THIS PRODUCT HAS 12 MONTHS WARRANTY. Any doubt? Reach out to us at Call/Whatsapp : 08920714322