In the past I have mentioned the choices for giving your weblog a house web page.  One possibility is to organise the post-date for each and every of your posts, in order that you regulate the order posts are displayed in.

That is simple sufficient to do, even if there are a few dangers that you want to concentrate on as mentioned beneath

Blogger Posts and the Publish-date

Each and every Publish for your weblog has a date-time price, which is named its “post-date”.   Typically , that is set to the date/time whilst you submit the put up for the primary time.  However you’ll alternate the put up date for any put up, and you’ll do that both whilst you put up it first or in a while.

The post-date is vital as it controls the order that posts are proven in:

  • The put up that looks first when a reader visits your weblog is the only with the most-recent Publish-date.
  • If in case you have multiple post-per-screen, then the next-most-recent put up is at the display beneath the primary one.  After which the second-next-most-recent, and so on.

When a reader is having a look at any put up, they usually click on More recent-Posts or Older-Posts, the post-date is used to come to a decision what posts to turn at the subsequent display.

Which means you’ll make your posts seem within the order than you wrote them (ie first put up first, moment put up moment, and so on) by way of converting the Publish-date in order that:

  • your first put up has the most-recent post-date,
  • your moment put up has the next-most-recent-date,
  • your 1/3 put up has the third-most-recent poste date
  • and so on

An alternate manner is to simply make one put up all the time seem first, and let the opposite posts seem within the order that you simply posted them.

How one can make your posts seem in opposite order, the use of dates

1  Give your first Publish a post-date (eg lately), AND keep in mind that date.

2  Give all different posts (even ones that you simply write subsequent week, or subsequent yr) a post-date this is previous than the post-date you picked in Step 1.

  • If you wish to have your posts is precisely opposite order, you want to present each and every one a date this is previous than any current put up.  That is somewhat simple:  simply have a look at the record of posts in Posting > Edit Posts and scroll to the ground of the record to look the oldest date used thus far.

three  Flip off the post-date show for your posts (because the post-date would possibly not make sense, since you’re manipulating the dates)

  • To do that, pass to the Structure tab.
  • Make a selection Weblog-posts (edit).
  • Un-tick the date beneath “Publish Web page Choices“.

four  Have in mind to make the similar date alternate for each put up you write any further.

Additionally, if it may well be related to your readers to grasp whilst you wrote a put up, just be sure you all the time manually put the date into each and every put up.

Dangers of this manner

Should you observe this manner, you’re going to give a far-in-the-past date to pages that you simply by no means need to seem first.  There’s a chance that Google would possibly convert the knowledge in the back of older posts at a while.   In case your post-dates get too some distance into the beyond, then it is imaginable that they may not cope neatly this.   This might be for causes that appear logical, or on account of issues which can be utterly to do with the inner workings of Blogger’s database, and make no sense to you in any respect.

Additionally, remember that Google would possibly select to power the post-date to seem on posts at a while someday.  Nowadays, they do not:  it is your selection.   However you can not ensure that they would possibly not alternate their minds about this, sooner or later.   (For my part I feel they most certainly would possibly not, and I have constructed a few “actual” internet sites that employ the method described right here.   Simply bring it to mind’s now not assured.)

An Choice Method

Adam of Too-Artful-by-Part has instructed a wholly other option to show your posts in opposite order.   I have never used it, however assume that it has numerous doable in some scenarios, equipped you’re relaxed the use of Yahoo pipes and RSS feeds to show issues for your weblog.

He has additionally lately shared any other manner he discovered, which makes use of a script to govern components inside Blogger, and so is extra powerful than his first manner.

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