Secure VIN Vehicle Glass Etching Security System by Blue Planet Security


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INR 5,100.00

Complete kit to etch your vehicles VIN number on all of your windows. Glass etching will make your vehicle very unattractive to car thieves. Proven deterance. Insurance discounts are usually offered. Kit includes an Insurance Certificate to send to your auto insurer. Stencils can be re-used. We now include 2 pairs of gloves. Kit includes one color window warning decal, 6 alcohol wipes, glass etch, etch brush, disposable dropper, white MagicSponge and 6 cleanly cut stencils. NOTE: The small pieces the reviews complain about are now removed by us before shipping. VIN numbers are long. The stencils are 3.25 Inches. Glass etch frosts the glass. IMPORTANT: After ordering email us your VIN Number through Amazon or see our customer service info to send us your vehicle VIN numberPrevent Car Theft – SecureVIN is a complete kit to allow you to engrave your
automobile/vehicle VIN number onto your vehicle’s windows.
Includes 6 Cleanly Cut Stencils (3.25 inch VIN numbers, 24 Pt. Stencil Font), Color Window Decal, full instructions,
all materials, and an Insurance Certificate for auto insurance discounts.
Virtually eliminates auto theft for resale. (2 Vehicle Kit Available)


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