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This is the 2nd edition, April 2015. Edited, corrected and with additional information, active links and a new cover picture (old graphic included as a bonus;-).
WARNING: this e-book contains adult, and sometimes strong, language.
Are you thinking about getting into a Binary Options Trading? Or perhaps you are one of those traders who’s keeps wondering how come you cannot manage to make any substantial and long-term profits in this so called trading? Even after all the money spent on all those books promising a sure-thing winning strategy? Or maybe you got got burned badly and your money got stolen under the pretense of trading loses?
It won’t make you any money but it very likely is the only book regarding Binaries that will save you money…
Its author also uses occasional humor ,cynicism and sober thinking to drive the point home. And the point is that Binary Options are much closer to gambling and sport betting that to trading, let alone investing. And that the system is built around you, the trader, losing money.
And that people can, and do, became addicted to this activity in the same way they can be addicted to gambling.
Author of this e-book conducted extensive research regarding all things Binary Options, did approximately 400 paper trades (in several Demo accounts) and then some real money trades as well. The results of this research all point to the fact that Binary Options Platforms are unregulated and absolutely nontransparent entities that can be run by anyone without any capital requirements or a need to to understand Options and their trading.
And through additional research and real life examples you will find out the economics behind these rouge operations and how the odds are always stuck against you.
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