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It is a comprehensive book for candidates preparing for the Senior Engineer Recruitment examination that’s conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board. It is good for testing one’s aptitude and basic subject knowledge for cracking technical, science-related and other general questions in the examination.

The book has been divided into different sections which includes model paper, solve 2014 question paper, arithmetic, general intelligence and reasoning, general awareness, general science and technical ability. The section on solved question paper contains 150-questions for self assessment and learning different concepts by supporting it with detailed explanations.

Arithmetic section has been divided into 13 subtopics, which deals with basic and complex formulae application problems, and also have about 15-20 MCQs given after every subtopic. General intelligence and reasoning is divided into 24 subtopics along with 406 MCQs. Next section is on general awareness that covers six subtopics, which further contains numerous GK facts and information followed by nearly 450 MCQs.

The general science section covers subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and everyday science. Each topic is explained with detailed definitions, formulae and other facts along with several MCQs based on different subjects. Last section is on technical ability, which is a complete question bank. It covers MCQs based on civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, computers, environment and pollution control, instrumentation and measurement, and engineering drawing/graphics.

All the questions have been answered at the end of each section. Some complex questions are even explained in brief for better understanding and concept clarity. It can be a good reference manual for basic preparation for the entrance exam.

About the author:

RPH Editorial Board: RPH or Ramesh Publishing House specialises in publishing guide books and questionnaires for competitive examinations. Started in 1966, the publishing house’s editorial board consists of teachers, researchers, experienced editors and proofreaders who bring out resourceful study materials and guide books for prospective candidates appearing for various competitive examinations in India.

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