Parallel Universe(TM) Micro USB to USB type C (USB 3.1) adapter for smartphone for Charging [Does not support OTG] [Does not support Moto Z/Z Play]


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INR 499.00

  • Stop carrying your cable everywhere you go:

USB type C must have made your life a lot easier with superfast charging and data transfer! But it is always difficult to find one cable if you have forgotten yours. No need to buy different cables for home, office, car, powerbank and while you travel. We at Parallel Universe have right solution to your USB type C problem! Introducing best USB type C adapter with data transfer!

  • Superb Data Transfer Speed:

Imagine transferring 3 GB movie in less than 2 minute!! This Adapter lets you transfer data at similar speed of USB C! So you don’t have to compromise on File Transfer Speed.

  • Ultra Compact, imagine carrying it in your wallet!

This beautiful tiny device has a male USB-C port and a female micro USB port. In simple language you can charge you mobile (OnePlus Two, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Mi4c, etc) or tablet (Nokia N1) with any micro USB cable! Just plug in micro USB cable in this adapter and plug this adapter to your device. Use your old micro USB cables and turn them into USB -C cables with help of our adapter!

Important for frequent travelers so that you don’t have to carry charger everywhere you go! This adapter is so slim that it can fit in your wallet as well! No need to panic when you run out of battery just carry this adapter with you and change any micro USB cable to USB type C! There is no need to purchase a different cable for your Portable Charger, this adapter will let you use your micro USB to charge a USB C device.

Fastest and most compact adapter available!

At Parallel Universe we have hassle free replacement policy!

All the photos shown above are of an actual product.

Micro USB to USB type C converter/adapter with DATA SYNC. No need to carry your USB-C charger everywhere you go.
Plug it on any micro usb cable and convert it into USB C cable for charging or for DATA transfer betq
Transfer 3 GB in less than 2 minute!! NOTE : Use Original micro usb cables(V8) for best results!
Ultra compact Design. Supports Xiaomi Mi 5, Letv Le 1s
Does not support OTG


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