Mi LABS Weight Management, 100% Herbal weight loss pills (QTY : 2 bottles of milabs herbal Weight loss products for women & men)


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Mi LABS Weight Management

Mi LABS’s advanced Ayurvedic solution from our research centre to support you achieve your ideal weight. Our Mi LABS Weight Management Ayurvedic remedy is researched and formulated to benefit people who are looking for long-term solutions to reduce body weight.

This clinically proven synergistic blend of herbal nutrients capsules is a tested Ayurvedic solution to reduce and maintain weight.


100% pure standardized extracts of Green Coffee and Bitter Melon and Garcinia along with unique PHYTOBLEND.

  • Prevents weight gain by cutting back fat production
  • Helps control appetite
  • Cuts unwanted cravingsand binge eating
  • Promotes a healthy body metabolism
  • Supports the body’s natural metabolic processes

  • In scientific research, Mi LABS Weight management formula showed significant decrease in weight gain and improvement in weight loss. The effect was evident on week 3 and week 6.
  • How Mi LABS Weight Management Supplement works?

    Mi LABS’s Weight Management enables faster burning of calories after food consumption. It regulates the appetite by allowing for a feeling of fullness which cuts down on excessive and binge eating. This product regulates the metabolic rate which enables balancing out of calories consumed with calories burned.

    Each Capsule Contains

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract50 mg
  • Bitter Melon Extract 150 mg
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract
  • Gracinia Extract
  • Moringa Extract
  • *Product Informations given are as per research result.

    Mi Labs natural weight loss formula is a safe and effective way to help you lose weight. Mi Labs weight loss formula, when used in conjunction with a sensible exercise program, helps you to lose weight.
    100% pure standardized extracts of Green Coffee and Bitter Melon along with unique PHYTOBLEND.
    Helps prevent fat production, Helps reduce emotional eating and Helps decrease belly fat.
    In studies, Mi Labs weight management formula showed significant decrease in weight gain (6 week study)
    A Ministry of AYUSH approved Product. Size: 150 ml; 60 Capsules/Bottle


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