Mac keyboards are quite different from regular windows keyboard, For the Mac beginners here is a list of Mac keyboard shortcuts, It is not possible to remember all the shortcuts quickly, yes it needs practice and a little bit of time. so start learning Mac Keyboard Shortcuts now :


1.⌘ Command key

2.⌃ Control key

3.⌥ Option key

4.]⇧ Shift Key

5.⇪ Caps Lock

6. Fn Function Key

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts 

1. Select all, copy, cut, or paste content in a click

⌘+a selects all.⌘+c copies.⌘+x cuts.⌘+v pastes.

2. Undo and redo actions.

⌘+z undoes.⌘+y redoes (in some cases ⌘+shift+z redoes)

3. Find a keyword.

command + F

4. Open a new window, open a new tab, or close a tab in applications like Finder or a web browser.

⌘+n opens a new window.]⌘+t opens a new tab.]⌘+w closes a window.

5. Quit the program in use.

Command + Q

6. Reopen the last tab you closed (up to 10 tabs).

Command + Shift + T

7. Duplicate an item. It’s faster than copying and pasting.

Command + J

8. Rename a file.(You have to select it first.)

Press enter/return

9. Rename a file.(You have to select it first.)

Command + Spacebar

10. Bold, italicize or underline text.

⌘+b bolds text.⌘+i italicizes text.⌘+underlines text.

11. Take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Command + shift +3

12. Take a screenshot of part of your screen.(Your pointer will change into a crosshair.)

Command + Shift +4

13. Use the right-click function.

Control +-Click

14. Highlight the URL search bar in your web browser.

Command + L

15. Cycle through tabs in the app like Finder or a web browser.

⌘+left arrow changes view to the left adjacent tab.⌘+right moves to the right.

16.Jump down a web page.


17. Leap right back up a page.

Shift + Spacebar

18. Shoot all the way to the bottom or top of a web page.

⌘+up arrow scrolls to the top of the web page.⌘+down arrow jumps to the bottom.

19. Toggle between programs. You can cycle through all open apps by holding ⌘ and pressing tab or arrow keys.

Command + Tab

20. Compose a new tweet or direct message on Twitter.


21. View homepage, notifications, messages, or profile on Twitter.

G + H/N/M/P

22. Post a new status on Facebook


23. View home page, profile timeline, and messages on Facebook.

Control + alt + 24

24. If an app is unresponsive, you can force it to close using Force Quit.

Command + Alt + Esc

25. Permanently empty the trash.(Careful, there are no take-backs on this one.)

Command + Shift + Delete

26. Put your computer to sleep.

Shift + Control + Power Button

27. Learn information about a selected file in Finder, including file size, date of creation, and dimensions (if it’s a photo).

Command + Hide

28. Hide the windows of the current app in use.

Command + H

29. Paste formatted content as plain text.

Command + Shift + V

30. Reveal the desktop

fn + F11

31. Define any highlighted word.

Control + Command + D

32. Select the text between the cursor and the beginning (or end) of the current line.

Command + Shift + Page Left/ Right

33. Select the text between the cursor and the beginning (or end) of the current word.

Alt + Shift + Page Left/ Right

34. Select the character to the left (or right) of the cursor.

Shift + Page Left/Right

35. Toggle between open windows in applications like Finder or a web browser.

Command +`

36. Eject CD on boot

Hold Mouse button down immediately after powering on

37. Safe boot

Hold Shift during startup

38. Start up in Recovery mode

Hold C0mmand-R during startup

39. Start up in Target Disk mode

Hold T during startup

40. Startup from a CD, DVD

Hold C during startup

41. Bypass primary startup volume and seek a different startup volume (CD, etc.)

Hold C0mmand-Opt-Shift-Delete during startup

42. Choose Startup disk before booting

Hold Option during startup

43. Start up in Verbose mode

Hold Command-V during startup

44. Start up in Single-User mode (command line)

Hold Command-S during startup

45. Shutdown immediately (no confirmation)

Hold C0mmand-Opt-Ctrl and press the Eject key or Power button

46. Restart immediately (no confirmation)


47. Close a widget without having to open the widget dock

Hold Option and hover over widget (close box will appear)

48. Reload/Refresh a widget


For using Safari :

While using safari use these Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

49. Highlight URL/Search Field (at top of window)


50. Switch to Next Tab

Ctrl-Tab (or Cmd-Shift-Right Arrow)

51. Switch to Previous Tab

Ctrl-Shift-Tab (or Cmd-Shift-Left Arrow)

52. Switch tabs: jump directly to the first tab, second tab, etc.

(If you change the preference, this will go to one of the first 9 bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar.)
Cmd-1 through Cmd-9

53. Move between found items

Cmd-F, enter your search text and Press:
Return to Move Forward
Shift-Return to Move Backward

54. Cancel current Find

Press Escape or Command-Period(.)

55. Scroll by one full screen

Scroll Down: Spacebar or Option–Down Arrow

56. Scroll Up:

Shift–Spacebar or Option-Up Arrow

57. Open Link in New Tab (in the background)

Command–Click a link

58. Open Link in New WindowCommand–Opt–Shift-Click a link

59. Add to Reading List

Shift–Click a link

Apple Mail

60. Send Message

Command–Shift–D (remember as D = Deliver)

61. Reply to Message

Command–R or Opt–Double Click Message

62. Reply All


63. Go to Inbox


64. Go to other mailboxes in your favorites bar

Command–2,3, etc.

65. Prevent the next message from being automatically selected & marked as read



Here are few other Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for better performance-

66. Select the next icon in Icon and List views

Tab (Shift-Tab reverses direction)

67. Alternate columns in Column View

Tab (Shift-Tab reverses direction)

68. Resize one column to fit the longest file name (Column View)

Double-Click column divider (or the resize widget at the bottom of the column divider, depending on your setup)

69. Resize all columns to fit their longest file names (Column View)

Option Double-Click column divider (or the resize widget at the bottom of the column divider, depending on your setup)

70. Move a window in the background without switching to it.

Cmd-Drag on the window’s titlebar


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