Aadhar Card: It is mandatory to have Aadhar card for booking a railway ticket. As this will be implemented soon in India. According to the Indian Railways, it is all set to link the passengers Aadhar with the Railway Ticket service. The Railway Ministry is “seriously considering” linking Aadhar Card to train tickets. The move, in consideration since 2013, will be implemented to avoid fraudulent travelling. As the IRCTC services are expanding so widely every year and it is also known that a huge number of passengers will be travelling through the Railway’s mode. So it is made mandatory to link Aadhar of the passenger to book a Railway ticket through Online or Offline.

Railway Tickets booking is currently carried out by the online mode by the name of the passenger who want to travel but the problem is that the passenger can hold someone’s ticket and can travel from the booked station to destination station. To avoid such illegal activities in the Railways , the IRCTC head’s have decided to link their Aadhar cards while booking their tickets which can be stored in the Railways Database services. Aadhar Card linkage will not let the passenger book tickets in someone else name and travel.
The decision to link Aadhar Cards to booking railway tickets is to check this fraudulent travel which is rampant in the country. According to the media report, the Prime Minister’s Office has given the Railway Ministry the go-ahead and has asked them with developing a user-friendly model. The railways are planning to implement this model in two phases wherein the first stage it is mandatory to provide Aadhar number to avail discounts and concessions for Senior Citizens, freedom fighters, students or unemployed youth, or Physically abled.
The second phase of the process is the Railway will link all ticketing services to Aadhar that is the passenger need to submit the Aadhar number while booking/reserving the tickets. The TC will be empowered with a device which has all the details and photo identity of the passenger. If the passenger failed to match the details with the one on the ticket will result in penalty and de-boarding from the train.


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