Computer Virus
Each file and folder have the following attributes:
1).  Archive A
2).  Read Only R
3).  Hidden H
4).  System S
-(minus) sign before an attribute it means removing attributes and +(plus) sign mean giving attributes to the file or folder.
example ) attrib -r -a -s -h file.txt  this will remove all attributes from file.txt  and attrib +r +a +s +h file.txt  will give all attributes to file.txt .
If pen drive or other hard drive is infected by virus ,Command prompt is the best option.Follow the steps given below.
1).  Go to the command prompt by start>all programs>accessories>command prompt or press windows key+r and enter cmd .
2).  Go to the drive where you want to delete virus example write d: to go to D drive .
3).  Type “attrib -r -s -h *.*/s /d” without quotations  and press enter .
4)press dir /a .
5). Delete all the .inf,.exe ,.dll,.log extension file if they are not your files by using dos del command .
del autorun.inf
if any file is not deleting rename that file by rename command
Example: rename dst.exe ms.bak this will rename dst.exe to ms.bak

Now Your pen drive is virus free .


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