Computerised Birth/Death Certificates are being issued in all the 561 Town Panchayats.Every  birth  shall be registered within 14 days  and  every death shall be registered within 7 days with the Town Panchayat.Any person who wants to register a birth or a death shall  inform the  Town Panchayat Office in  the form prescribed  in Annexure-V along with  a certificate from the person or Medical Institution, who conducted delivery in the case of birth and from the  Medical Officer who treated the patient in the case of death.Beyond the prescribed time limit, if a registration is done , it is accepted with a payment of penalty upto a period  of one  year.  If a registration is to be done beyond a  period  of one year, it will be registered only on receipt of Judicial  order from a Magistrate and with penalty.


On registration one copy of an extract of  Birth/Death Register  will  be  given  to the party,  free  of  cost.   If  a certificate  of  Birth/Death  is required at a  later  date  from the Town Panchayat, an application in the prescribed  format (Copy of  format  enclosed  in  Appendix)  furnishing  the  information required  in  the format like name of the child,  father’s  name, mother’s  name,  date and place of birth, etc., in  the  case  of birth  certificate  and name of the person,  father’s /husband’s name,  date  and  place  of death, etc., in  the  case  of  Death Certificate shall be furnished.


The   application  shall  be  presented  in  the   Town Panchayat office and acknowledgement obtained.


Along with the application, the following fee shall  be remitted in Town Panchayat Office.

Item                                                   Fee

Birth & Death Certificate                  Rs.25.00 per copy **

If date of birth/death is not
known or unspecified, Search
Fee for every year.                          Rs.25.00 per copy **

Belated Birth and Death

  1. a) Below one month                   without penalty
  2. b) Above one month & below
    one year                               Rs.25.00 per copy **
  3. c) Above one year with the
    order of Magistrate                 Rs.50.00

A  Court  fee stamp of Rs.2/- shall be fixed in  the  application  form.

**  Conditions apply


An  extract  of Birth/Death Register will be  given  to  the applicant, who has furnished full information within 3 days.

Birth Certificate Application Form


Death Certificate Application Form







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