HACKING: Beginner’s Crash Course – Essential Guide to Practical: Computer Hacking, Hacking for Beginners, & Penetration Testing (Computer Systems, Computer Programming, Computer Science Book 1)


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Ethical Hacking Tutorial Right At Your Fingertips! Updated and Expanded for 2016

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This playbook guide is made with the purpose of teaching you how to be an effective hacker. It will enhance your skills, improve your technique and make you a pro in the world of hacking.

Hackers play an important role in maintaining security and preventing cyber-attacks from others who have more malicious purposes. Ethical hackers break into systems legally and ethically. This book is built for ethical hackers interested in scanning ports and seeking vulnerabilities, examining patch installations to ensure they can’t be exploited, and many other penetration testing methods.

This book has a lot of things in-store for you, including:

•Basics of ethical hacking and penetration testing
•Building the Testing Lab
•Penetration testing tools
•Performing a Network Scan
•Exploiting the Findings of the Network Scan
•Social Engineering
•Tools and techniques to evade antivirus
•Password Cracking

Download this book and open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you’re interested in hacking for a career or a hobby, have a read through this guide. By the time you’re finished, I’m certain you’ll feel that it was time well spent!

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