Factory Direct Premium Quality Magnetic Air Vent Mount Mobile Holder for Car


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INR 399.00

This Magnetic Vent Mount is a new, sophisticated yet fully functional mounting solution that provides a strong grip to smartphones using a magnetic hold. Unlike most vent mounts, the iTap Magnetic Vent Mount allows for full 360-degree rotation, thus providing a better viewing angle. A unique One-Click lock and release feature with silicon placed on the connecting arms provides a safe latch to the vent to avoid scratching/damage while also minimizing vibrations to the device when in use. With six rare earth magnets included, providing a powerful grip from mount to smartphone, you can feel the powerful grip once you place the magnet close to the mount. The iTap Magnetic Vent Mount accommodates most smartphones as well as their cases by using the provided metal plate. It’s more compact than most vent mounts on the market, providing for a cleaner, organized look. Simply attach the magnetic plate to your smartphone, mount with one hand and go.Easy to use
Good quality
Long lasting


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