Evana Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit – Fish Eye Lens / 2 in 1 Macro Lens & Wide Angle Lens (Golden)


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To all the photography lovers who wants to enjoy photography & to find the instant beauty of world, we present to you the all new 3 in1 tiny clip-on detachable jelly lens which you can use with your smart phones to get the best quality pictures!! Now click high quality pictures with your smart phones !! Key Features: Fisheye Lens can Shoot 180 degrees scene. Macro Lens for taking pin sharp picture of small objects like flowers, insects’ etc. Wide-angel lens is suitable to take picture of large ranges, Big group of people, buildings and landscape. All these lenses can be easily fitted in Apple iPhone, Samsung Smartphone and all other major mobile brands. Attach and remove in seconds. General Specifications: Package Contents: Wide Angle x 1 Fish Eye Lens x 1 Lens Cover (plastic) x 1 Carry bag x 1 Clip. Fish Eye Lens: Up to 180 degrees. Wide Angle: Wide 0.67X. Marco: Super Macro. Color: Black Note: Macro & wide angel lens are combined so when you want to use macro lens only then you need to remove wide angel from. these are two lenses combined in one so do not get confused.High quality pictures with your smart phones Macro Lens for taking pin sharp picture of small objects
Fish eye Lens can Shoot 180 degrees scene
Wide-angel lens increases the frame of your picture
Feature:. *Can apply to iPhone,HTC,SAMSUNG smartphone and etc *There are lens available FISHEYE, MARCO, AND WIDE ANGLE LENS.:*Mini size,
prortable to use, you can take photos with it at any time and any place. Package size: 135 x 95 x 25cm / 5.3 x 3.7 x 1.0in. Package weight: 50g


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