Bowstrick Multipurpose Portable Cartoon Design Table with Aluminium Frame, Wooden Board (12″24″) Designs as per availibility


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INR 1,199.00

Kids will love this eco-friendly top desk comfortably even in bed. The Desk gives the opportunity to relax while playing, eating from home or does his/her homework comfortably. It can be also used as a laptop table If you are sitting in a floor, lying on a sofa or just need some extra space on your desk you will appreciate the convenience of this great innovation. Foldable table is an multifunctional applications, can not only be used as a kids table, but also as a laptop / reading table in family and school, in a car and for travel purposes. Kids enjoy the fun doing activity in bed, sofa, table, carpet, lawn etc. You can use as laptop desk, writing desk, Sketchpad, dining table, etc.Product: Kids Portable Table Desk Suitable for: Bed, sofa, desk, carpet, lawn
Design: We ship the design as per the availability if you have any specific design requirement kindly send us message before making purchase
Material: Aluminum panel, Hard Wood Board
Suitable for: Bed, sofa, desk, carpet, lawn
Product Size – 12″ X 24″ inches


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