AIGO DGTL Gold Spy Pen #1 Best Spy Pen Camera – Modern DV Recorder that supports up to 16gb SD card – Secret Agent Gadget – Digital Video Camcorder HD – Pencam – Gold


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INR 590.00

AIGO DGTL Record and Capture live clear footage wherever you go without making a scene… If that’s you then get one now on discount! Imagine how awesome you would feel when you know that you have the special ability to record footage without anyone, even your friends knowing about it… Well today, your in luck because that’s exactly what the Spy Pen Camera can do for you. Just press the record button and you can start filming immediately without any hassles. Being a covert spy has never been easier when you grab this spy pen while supplies last.Perfectly Sized to Appear like any Ordinary Pen for Nearly Undetectable Surveillance that is the Spy Pen Camera!
Automatically records up to 320 minutes of Video Footage or up to 48,000 Photo Images when you Upgrade to the 16 GB of micro SD Card so You Don’t have to Worry about Running Low on Memory Wherever you Go!
The Perfect Balance of Creating Pixels when You Record with the Spy PenCam, Which Offers the Best Combination of Video Quality and Storage Memory for the Dollar!
Provides You with One Hour of Battery Life Each Time you Charge it so You Don’t have to Compromise on Video Quality!


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